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National Coordination by the FCFA

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La Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne 
(FCFA) du Canada

Since the year 2000, the FCFA has been a primary national player on the issue of Francophone immigration. As the recognized leader of the Francophone and Acadian communities' consultation network, the FCFA is also the primary contact and privileged partner of Citizenship and Immigration Canada in regards to the national coordination of efforts for the promotion, recruitment, reception and integration of French-speaking immigrants.


The FCFA coordinates :

The FCFA works with:

  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada, as well as other federal institutions with a role in the settlement and the integration of newcomers, such as Employment and Social Development Canada;
  • The Forum of leaders, a group of 43 Francophone community organizations committed to working together for the enhancement and vitality of Canada's Francophone and Acadian communities;
  • The Ministerial Conference on the Canadian Francophonie, an organization made up of  made up of federal, provincial and territorial ministers responsible for the Canadian Francophonie;
  • The National Settlement Council.