Across Canada, French-speaking communities are ready to welcome you

Communities in Action

A collective endeavour

Around the year 2000, Canada's Francophone and Acadian communities set about to make French-language immigration a collective and national priority, for reasons as numerous as the benefits:

Immigrants are contributing to changing the face of our communities, something of which we are proud.

Canada's Francophonie is increasingly open, diverse, and comprised of multiple cultures and accents. Openness to diversity, dialogue and discovery enriches our communities.

Immigrants contribute to the development of our communities.

French-speaking newcomers include entrepreneurs who create wealth, as well as skilled workers in key areas of our communities' development, such as teachers, speech therapists, child care educators, doctors and other health care professionals, and development officers for community organizations. Their contribution enhances the ability of our communities to live in French.   

Canada's Francophone and Acadian communities offer a variety of exciting life and work experiences.

We want immigrants who choose to settle in our communities to succeed and prosper. Since or communities are located in every region of the country, newcomers can work or study in a wide variety of areas, from forestry in Northern Ontario to the aerospace industry in the Maritimes, while living in a French-speaking environment.