Is your business facing a labour shortage? Canada's Francophone and Acadian communities can help you by opening the door to recruiting foreign, bilingual skilled workers! 

Our communities work closely with Immigration, Refugees and Citizen Canada, Canada's foreign embassies and several players in the field of international mobility. This enables them to help you find out more about how to recruit foreign skilled workers.  

Every year, our communities hold information sessions for employers in various regions of the country. These information sessions are an opportunity to learn more about: 

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Mobilité francophone and LMIA exemptions

On June 1, 2016, the Government of Canada launched Mobilité francophone, a program which is designed to facilitate the recruitment of bilingual foreign workers. Under Mobilité francophone, French-speaking or bilingual skilled workers who intend to live and work in a Francophone community outside Quebec may be exempt from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Learn more here

Welcoming and helping newcomers to integrate in their new environnement

Recruiting foreign, bilingual skilled workers means being able to rely on our communities to support the integration of these new employees in their new environment! In nine provinces and two territories, our communities have developed Francophone immigration networks (Réseaux en immigration francophone, RIF) which bring together a wide variety of partners with the know-how and resources to welcome newcomers and support their integration in French. Through the RIFs, our communities can provide advice and expertise as well as access to several organizations and institutions that can help you in terms of diversity management. 

More resources

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has designed a page to inform potential French-speaking immigrants, as well as employers, on various opportunities in regards to immigration to Canada, including procedures for hiring French-speaking foreign workers. This page includes information on the Destination Canada Job Fairs, as well as the Mobilité francophone program.